Distance adoption and support for development projects

In the South of the world, there are millions of children who live in dire straits and, as they do not have access to education, they live on the edge of survival. Sponsorship is a way to express your own solidarity towards one of those children, their families and community. Sponsorship means to identify and plan interventions in favour of the targeted community, actions addressed at facing poverty, allowing the child to live in its local, social and cultural context, favouring the development of its local community. Through the “Sponsorship” program, GSI ITALIA is now working in three countries in the South of world, Mexico, Togo and Burkina Faso and, for a short time, it operated in Asia just after the Tsunami. In all these countries, it has been ensuring health care, education, food supply and clothing. Through the “Sponsorship” program, the NGO aims at developing the community where the child lives, by eradicating the causes of poverty. Some of the donations are used to build social infrastructures like wells, schools and the like and to carry out training courses addressed to young people and women, broadening, in doing so, the range of beneficiaries.


Communication of commitment to a LONG-DISTANCE ADOPTION.

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Burkina Faso

GSI ITALIA has been carrying out activities in Burkina Faso for many years; from this commitment, the association Faa I Tuora was born and started out as a small group of 9 widows, after their husbands passed away due to AIDS. Now Faa I Tuora has about 2,500 associates, and GSI guarantees food supply and education for them and their children.
Faa I Tuora is able to keep on working thanks to the involvement and action by Sister Marie Blanche Somé, who, for many years, have dealt with development projects in her homeland.
In 2009, GSI ITALIA decided to adopt a different strategy and changed the Sponsorship Program: from a simple “Sponsorship” it has become “support for mothers’ income”.

Democratic Republic of Congo

In 2009, GSI ITALIA began supporting children in Congo. The war experienced by the country in the recent years, has caused an increasing number of orphans and refugees. The outskirts of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the territory chosen by GSI ITALIA to intervene: your support will help the “CHERO” shelter centre, whose goal is to ensure a bed, a meal, health assistance, education, technical training, and a future to more than 100 minors who are forced to live in the streets.


Drinking water in Watamu, a village situated 20 km far from Malindi, is not easy and water access represents a priority for improving hygiene / health conditions of local communities. GSI ITALIA ensures the supply of pumps for collecting groundwater and photovoltaic panels. The “sponsorship and support” program is destined to purchase systems of pumps / panels, which are intended to be installed in other villages in the nearby so that to produce further electricity. They are small interventions ensuring huge advantages.


Women, who are victims of discrimination and violence and therefore in need of protection and support, are the group GSI ITALIA has targeted in this country. The area of intervention is the one of Marrakech region. The consolidation of the 15 local associations defending and promoting human rights is the goal GSI ITALIA established for its projects and our association is involved in improving the local actors’ skills and in carrying out a multipurpose service centre (listening centre, legal and counselling office). The beneficiaries are victims of abuses and that is why the services are addressed to promote their recovery and social reintegration through income-generating activities.


GSI ITALIA has been operating for over 10 years in the area with a steady presence of foreigners and volunteers ensuring the projects implementation in the organic farming and training, especially female training based on arts and crafts. In the last years, the “sponsorship” program has ensured support for children and their families as far as education and training, food supply and health care are concerned. “El Hombre sobre la Tierra” is the association founded by GSI ITALIA in Mexico; it carries out projects and deals with the management of aid programs.


In Sokodé, a region in Central Togo, your support is going to finance a literacy program for adults, mainly women. The final beneficiaries will have the opportunity to learn how to read, write and understand French, which is nowadays the most spoken language in official communications, price tags of agricultural materials and on the media (radio, television and newspapers). Furthermore, GSI ITALIA wants to promote women economic autonomy by enhancing a microcredit system, which will give them the support in starting up new activities. A constant monitoring of these activities is ensured by our partner OCDI, which is responsible for the project management and supervision with regular assessment missions.