GSI Italia

International Solidarity Groups

We are a non-governmental organization of international cooperation and territorial solidarity founded in 1997. The association operates in the territory with training and awareness projects on development and underdevelopment issues. GSI ITALIA promotes projects aimed at promoting human rights and works close to the immigrant population by providing reception, protection and support measures and managing lending programs and housing guarantees. For years our organization is committed to both active citizenship as a means of building a more democratic and youthful society, developing and activating programs aimed at raising awareness of the new generation with respect to social issues. GSI ITALIA is also active in the field of international cooperation in several countries of the South of the World through development projects and distance support programs for disadvantaged communities.

Our mission

The Association has as its main purpose international cooperation and solidarity, with particular attention to the decentralized, between the North and South communities of the planet. We want to develop research, innovation and training because we believe in human, social and economic development and believe in the important value of information and awareness on the current imbalance involved in these two levels. We believe in peaceful coexistence between cultures, equal opportunities, including gender, social justice, the defense of the environment and the protection of civil rights. We form and send volunteers in the PVS to support their own and other projects of development and ethical finance. In addition, our mission is to promote European citizenship and social and cultural integration among the cities of Europe through the implementation of solidarity, cooperation and cultural and economic integration projects.

Our commitment

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