The new project financed to GSI Italia by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers for the South Ubangi region, in northern Congo near the equator, starts today. An economically important intervention, around 200 thousand euros, in an area of the country where tribal conflicts add to perennial poverty.

The launch mission of the project is currently being led by Floribert Avonyima and Fernand Violle, appointed by GSI Italia to organize the activities with the local partner association SAD RdC and prepare the representative of GSI Italia in Congo, Kasese Matondo, for the management of the project, who from our office in Kinshasa will manage for a year the project in Gemena, the capital of South Ubangi.

The action that GSI Italia is called upon to carry out is twofold: activate income generation processes through the instrument of micro financial credit and build a platform for social dialogue between the civil population, young people in particular, and the local authority represented by the Governor, expression of the central government of Kinshasa.

To prepare the Congolese staff for the management of the program, GSI Italia called Paul Bandre, a micro credit expert in Burkina Faso.

A commitment, the one that begins with the project, which will lead the Association to manage development cooperation spaces in a difficult area of the African country, in which it will be necessary to invest qualified technical skills and the ability to listen and dialogue with the population beneficiary and with the government ruling class, without whose collaboration it will be difficult to achieve the result of appreciable economic and social development within the 24 months of project activity.

A challenge that GSI Italia is ready to take up and keep you informed.

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