The container of health aid set up by GSI Italia with the collaboration of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN agency UNHCR for Ethiopia arrived on 28 November in Djibouti from where it will leave in the next few days for Addis Ababa, confident that it will be able to overcome the checkpoints of the insurgent militias that surround the capital.

The St Paul’s Hospital, the largest hospital in Addis Ababa and the pediatric cardiac surgery hospital of the same city will benefit from the ambulances and health equipment made available by GSI Italia.

The arrival of the container that GSI Italia has shipped with a new ambulance for the assistance of street children in Kinshasa is expected this week at the port of Matadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the second ambulance sent to the GSI Italia assistance project in the capital and will join with a new team the one already operational for some years, patrolling the streets of the city with over 10 million inhabitants and over 20 thousand street children at night. Street children will be assisted with consumer goods, drugs and protections, hospitalizing in the Center built by GSI Italia in the capital and in the Oseper structure restored by GSI Italia in recent years. In addition to the ambulance, the container carries clothing, water tank containers for the GSI Center for street children, a kitchen, sewing machines, bicycles, tiles and food.

The containers were set up in the warehouses of the Margen industry in Modena, with the active collaboration of the workers and especially the owners, the industrialist Mario Gorzanelli, our volunteer Angelo Motta and the UN official Marisa Argentieri.

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