In December 2019 GSI Italia formally closed the “street girls” project in Congo by delivering the multifunctional Center built in Kinshasa and the ambulances for night rescue with mobile teams on the streets of the capital to local partners.

The short clip published here is of “Mama Sofia”, the association that the Italian Ambassador’s wife in Congo has created with the collaboration of Italians residing in the African country and which has launched a series of educational and training programs for the guest girls in the structure created by GSI Italia.

The American DKT Foundation, on the other hand, selected a dozen of the older girls, training them as “street workers”, to work alongside the girls engaged in prostitution on the streets, teaching them to avoid pregnancies and infections from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The “street workers” will be remunerated with a monthly salary which will ensure their self-support and financial autonomy.

For these innovative activities, the small initiative launched by GSI Italia in Kinshasa is going to be a pilot center that is deserving the attention of local and international institutions. On January 23 the representative of Unicef ​​visited the Center and on February 4 it was the turn of the Health Minister.

Watch the video

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