During the months of April-July, the activities of the project “Access to drinking water in the Intswem group in the Democratic Republic of Congo” consisted in raising awareness and mobilizing the community both for the fight against Covid-19 and on the exclusive and rational use of drinking water from redeveloped springs and wells, in the continuous development of drinking water sources with superstructures and in the construction of water wells and model health facilities.

The construction of water wells, the requalification of water sources as well as the construction of model sanitary systems with the involvement and total support of the local population, beneficiary of the action, constitutes an important commitment for the sustainability and durability of the project results.

The establishment of a committee to supervise and monitor the built infrastructures facilitates the water management and guarantees the maintenance of the infrastructures.

Hygienic habits, such as the continuous hand washing with soap or ash, created as part of the barrier actions against Covid-19 contamination will contribute to the promotion of basic and essential notions of hygiene within the beneficiary population and the acquisition of knowledge needed to combat water diseases.

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