The aim of the project was to improve the living conditions of the populations of the Intswem group and strengthen their resistance to water-related diseases. This goal was pursued through the acquisition by the population of the knowledge necessary to manage a healthy and sustainable water and sanitation system and through the creation of efficient local structures, with the necessary technical knowledge.

The beneficiaries of this action were at least 10,000 inhabitants of 10 villages of the Intswem group.

The project was an opportunity, in its community awareness and mobilization component, to further inform the population about the advantage of using only drinking water for drinking, cooking and hand washing. GSI Italia and CADLC took the opportunity to raise awareness among the beneficiary population of Intswem on the barrier actions against Covid 19 contamination.

Women had priority in the realization of this project, a space for dialogue was opened, where women were able to meet to discuss the different situations that concern them and to obtain information on reproductive and sexual health. Furthermore, the project was a response to the situation of women and children who have to walk kilometers every day to obtain water, which is not always drinkable.

Through community awareness and mobilization sessions, men and women have been called to work together in mutual respect for the harmonious development of their villages. The participation of women in the committee for monitoring the work done represents a significant step forward in recognizing their rights. The local population was also encouraged to take actions to protect the environment, such as not cutting down trees and a better waste management.

The partnership created by the project promoted the construction of water wells, the requalification of water sources as well as the construction of model sanitary systems with the involvement and total support of the local population, beneficiary of the action. This aspect constitutes an important commitment for the sustainability and durability of the project results.

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