We receive warnings of difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic from some of the local communities and countries in which GSI Italia is involved in aid and development projects and programs. The villages in which GSI Italia and GSI Marche operate in Yucatan quarantine: we’ve received information of prophylactic isolation ordered by the Mexican federal authorities and photos of people forced to devote themselves to the cultivation of small family gardens. Sigismondo Lucidi, the worker of GSI Italia in Mexico, tells us by telephone of an epidemic which has forced the population to self-isolate as the only containment measure for infection, in the absence of hospitals capable of dealing with emergencies. Agricultural activities and artisan workshops created over the years by GSI Italia with CEI funding and by GSI Marche with funding from the Province of Ascoli are temporarily closed.

In Congo the activity of the Center for street girls carried out by GSI Italia in the capital continues and, due to the increase in the turnout of girls in need and afraid of the growth of infections and deaths that is affecting Kinshasa, GSI Italia arranged additional funding to cope with the purchase of food, at the request of our project manager Matondo Kasese.

From Addis Ababa the health management of the St Paul’s Hospital, the largest hospital in the Ethiopian capital, denounces the limits of the structure to meet the growing demand for medical aid determined by the epidemic. The shipment of the container with the health equipment and the drugs required by the hospital to better respond to emergencies will be postponed due to the pandemic.

“No good news” at the moment from our other locations and from our partners with whom we remain in contact in Africa and Europe, awaiting updates that we will promptly publish.

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