The programming of the Conference on street children has begun, the final act of the three-year intervention of GSI Italia in Kinshasa. Its implementation is scheduled for 2020 but the preparation will be long and will deserve a great organizational commitment to involve the national and international political and institutional decision makers interested in the issue.

The work of involvement of the Congolese government passes through the accreditation of our Association as a recognized organization at the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Italian embassy in Congo is involved as a facilitator in the construction of the diplomatic network called to support inter-institutional dialogue in the work of the Conference with its participation. Among the large international organizations present in the country, we recall the visits received from our project by the World Bank and the World Health Organization.

Interesting, they do an incredible job here in Kinshasa” was the statement came to the attention of the President Loiacono by Madame Cinzia De Brito Procopio, the representative of the World Health Organization, during her visit to the project in Kinshasa. In the photo the official with one of the little guests in our reception center, the son of one of the little girls gathered in the street by emergency ambulances which scour the city thanks to the project of our Association.

The comment of the representative of the Organization of Health follows that of similar appreciation addressed to our project leader Matondo and to the local partner prof. Azia of the AESD Congolese association by the World Bank representative Madame Tovo, during her visit to the Center.

The expressed evaluations are comforting and satisfying for GSI Italia’s commitment to a fragile population as that of street children, in a country so difficult for its social and political conditions that explain the escape of much of the international cooperation and solidarity organizations from the country.

The work done so far by GSI Italia is important but it represents a drop in the large sea of ​​the need for help for street children in Congo.

The Conference represents the conclusion of our commitment in Congo on the “girls and boys” front with the declared result to put the question to the political agenda of the local Government and of the international institutions that will be invited to participate in the important event.

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