In Latin America for years a spiraling increase in juvenile diabetes has been reported linked to misinformation campaigns by manufacturers of sugary drinks, one in particular, Coca Cola, which advertise as nutritious drinks that become the behavior of people poor in resources economic and correct information, as alternatives and less expensive than the milk diet, from the first days of life. This is how diabetes is becoming a social disease that is difficult to cure, also due to the difficulty of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment among children and young people.

The request sent to GSI Italia by some public clinics in the Ecuadorian barrio is to place at their disposal medical devices for early blood diagnosis and for the treatment of the disease. We did this by sending an initial supply of products to the requesting communities in the first days of July.

The market for carbonated and sweetened drinks has been growing for many years, with modest purchase costs but very high health and care costs. There are many alarm voices coming from Latin American governments as well as from the health authorities of the continent and from the World Health Organization. GSI Italia begins its new activity of assistance to poor local communities starting from Ecuador, a country in which it has never operated, unlike in Mexico, where, in Yucatan, it has operated for over a decade and continues to operate through the association El Hombre sobre la Tierra, born in the last decade of the past century, thanks to the local activity of our association through the cooperator Sigismondo Lucidi, leader of our projects in the region.

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