The training internship in microscopy of three Ethiopian health professionals from the University of Gondar has recently ended in Perugia, an activity foreseen within the health program that GSI Italia has been conducting for some years in the country of the Horn of Africa. This is the second course after the one already developed in 2019 in collaboration with the Local Health Authority of Perugia, which ended with the setting up and donation of a diagnostic laboratory complete with instrumentation and consumable materials not available in Ethiopia at the time.

The internship, initially scheduled for 2021, is postponed several times: first due to the pandemic and subsequently to the armed unrest that has devastated Ethiopia. The program resumes with this internship in Perugia, others will follow with Ethiopian doctors in Italy and Italian doctors in Ethiopia.

An agreement between the General Direction of the Local Health Authority and GSI Italia was signed last month and provides for a collaboration extended to the entire service sector of the Health Authority in favor of health personnel from countries where GSI Italia operates in development cooperation.

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