Who like GSI Italia works in the field of local and international solidarity, knows that its mission is linked to the availability of many people, I would say very many, to make available their own time, resources and goods, when they verify they can trust in the correctness of the intermediate beneficiary association and in the good end of their own availability.

Asking, knowing how to ask and making the result of the donation evident and transparent is fundamental.

With this in mind GSI Italia operates and informs partners, friends and benefactors about its work. We do so also with this communication which concerns two campaigns developed in recent weeks in favor of three hospitals and a partner association in Ethiopia and of the Center for street girls that GSI Italia has created in Congo and which you have learned about in recent years.

The Maggiore Hospital of Bologna has made available an “ANGIOGRAPHIC INJECTOR” to our Association and, through us, to the Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Center of Addis Ababa.

The Green Cross of Padua has sent us TWO AMBULANCES for the same hospital, which will bring the signs of our association into the streets of the capital of the country of the Horn of Africa, but above all they will facilitate the activity of the only Ethiopian cardiac surgery hospital.

Ethiopia is a country whose cities are very often two, three thousand meters above sea level. This is how we started a BLANKETS collection campaign for the benefit of our partner association, the San Giuseppe Charitable Center, which takes care of the welcome of families and homeless people in equipped hospitality structures in Addis Ababa. The PASTORE woolen mill of Leffe, in the province of Bergamo, responded generously to our request by sending a significant amount of blankets, leaving for Africa in the coming weeks.

Even more surprising was the response obtained in just two weeks from the campaign launched by GSI Italia in Umbria for the collection of CLOTHING and LINEN. Over 200 kg of clothes arrived at our association for street boys and girls in Congo, collected word-of- mouth from dozens of donors. In these, the quantity of “new” clothes is significant, specially purchased by some of the donors and made available to our Association and which will be sent to our Congolese partners in the coming weeks. The CSI, the Italian Sports Center, inundated us with t-shirts, hundreds of T-shirts of all sizes arrived from the warehouse of l’Aquila.

Thanks to all of us friends.

The common commitment makes us a COMMUNITY, rich, aware and responsible.

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