On Saturday 6 August a new shipment of drugs collected through the Medicines Bank for a value of 108 thousand euros left from the GSI Italia warehouses in Spoleto, destined in part to Ukraine and in part to Lebanon. Two countries hit differently by war and attacks that make people’s lives difficult.

The shipment was made possible by the consolidated collaboration between GSI Italia, the Sovereign Order of Malta and the Italian Army, which ensures the movement of goods from Italy abroad. Cooperation with these partners gives certainty about the destination of the drugs, their use in compliance with deadlines and free for the final beneficiaries.

The war unleashed by Putin’s Russia in Ukraine continues to be the reason for GSI Italia’s commitment in favor of those populations in the form of health aid through the donation of drugs. At the end of the hostilities and in the desirable nearby reconstruction and reorganization of the country we hope to help them in the form of training support in strategic areas for Ukrainian health.

Lebanon is experiencing in these days, after August 4, one year after the explosion in the port of Beirut, the drama of the food shortage linked to the Ukrainian war, with social protests and a humanitarian emergency due to the large presence of Syrian refugees in the country.

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