It will be discussed on Saturday 18 September at 4 pm, in Castel Ritaldi, with the municipal administration and the participants of the “Mario Tabarrini” prize. The proposal comes from the Non-Governmental Organization GSI Italia, which with the European project “Dublin Europa conDivisa” involved in the question about the future of the Union some thousands of young students from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Objective: to contribute to a greater knowledge of the Union, calling the participants in the many meetings held throughout Europe to become protagonists and promoters of change. Starting with 10 Recommendations addressed to the President of the European Commission Von Der Leyen and to the parliamentarians of Brussels, for an amendment of the Dublin Regulations.

“Euroscepticism” and “sovereignism” are an expression of electoral calculations but also of the limits of the Convention that regulates the entry of migrants to the old continent and which shows the side to many criticisms and is considered worthy of reconsideration by many parts.

The dialogue between cities of Europe on issues of common interest can represent the first step for an internationalization of the cultural policies of a “European” civic administration. Migratory contamination raises a fundamental and unavoidable question: how to pass from a multicultural society to a new intercultural society. A challenge, with which we are called to deal with the decreased birth-rate in the countries of Europe and the increasing arrivals in our communities of immigrants from the south and east of the world.

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