A supply of gel disinfectants for the disinfection of the skin has been delivered in Modena in the last few days by GSI Italia to the Carabinieri National Association, which will distribute it in the territories of the area most contaminated by the virus infection in northern Italy.

These are 400 packs of SEPTAMAN ALCOHOL and 1020 of NEOXINAL ALCOHOL, extremely precious in this phase of the infectious emergency, due to the difficulty in identifying the sources of supply on the market and in the purchase and distribution by the public system as of the private distributors.

The batch of disinfectants in the possession of GSI Italia had been stored by the Association for its shipment to Ethiopia. The growing and worrying development of the epidemic in Italy has determined us to divert the disinfectant material in our possession to our country, through the collaboration of the Carabinieri National Association, our usual partner in the distribution of drugs in emergency areas in the world where the body of Carabinieri and the Italian army are engaged in war or peace-keeping operations.

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