On 21 September the international meeting of the project “Dublin, Shared Europe” took place online. It’s financed to GSI Italia by the European Union within the “Europe for Citizens” Program and involves associations from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, in addition to the University of Camerino.

The project involved young students from the four participating countries in the question on the future of the Union on migration with the aim of contributing to a greater knowledge of Europe, calling the participants to become protagonists and promoters of change.

More than 40 young people from the 4 countries discussed the recommendations elaborated at national level and summarized the starting documents producing the 10 Final Recommendations, intended for the EC Bureau, the Parliament and the parliamentarians of the participating countries, a concrete participation from the bottom to the political elaboration of the Union. However, the beneficiary is also civil society, involved in the evaluation of the document in the Installations, on social networks and informed on the dynamics with the media campaign.

The international laboratory showed the full involvement and activism of young people, responding to the project objectives: the promotion of civil participation, the deepening of knowledge of the elaboration process of EU policies and the promotion of the concrete commitment of the participants in the construction of the same policies.

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