In the first wave of the coronavirus, in the “distant” spring of this year, GSI Italia sent disinfectants gel in Emilia, unavailable in those early days of the epidemic on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets. These were products ready to be sent to Congo.

And it is in Congo and Togo that instead in this second wave of the pandemic, GSI Italia has decided to make its rescue investment. About sixty thousand euros made available for our aid project for the two countries by the Ministry for the Service of the Integral Human Development.

They will be spent on the purchase and making available to local health workers of sanitary devices: masks, gloves, gowns, visors and disinfectants.

Few laboratories in both countries are able to process swab and serological samples. However, there will be a thousand diagnostic kits made available by the project for facilities equipped with a laboratory.

Conspicuous resources will be devoted to information, in an attempt to develop awareness of the risks of inattentive behavior to distancing and hygiene measures. Information will be entrusted to popular radios, very popular with portable radios and through loudspeakers in street markets.

The pandemic has begun to bite again in Africa too, with less impressive numbers than in Europe but very heavy in terms of health fighting infection, due to the absence of health facilities capable of effective contrast.

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