The start of the project “Access to drinking water in the Intswem group in the Democratic Republic of Congo”, financed to GSI Italia by the Waldensian Church, took place in a high-risk health context with the development of the Coronavirus pandemic. The city of Kinshasa, the epicenter of this epidemic, has been quarantined with the rest of the country’s provinces.

Nonetheless, the activities of the first quarter were regularly carried out by our local partner CADLC starting from the official presentation of the project intervention to the beneficiary population, local authorities and community leaders, in order to solicit their active participation, indispensable for the success and sustainability of the action.

For this first phase, 3 sources of drinking water have been rehabilitated in 3 locations of the Intswem group. Another 4 are under redevelopment. The beneficiary population has been made aware of the exclusive consumption of water from these sources and a committee has also been set up to supervise and monitor the built infrastructures.

The population requested the support of CADLC and its partners for the creation of a health center and a maternity hospital in Intswem. In addition, people hope for the organization of a support program for the training of young villagers in the agricultural and livestock sector, but also a special program for women’s education on cooking and nutrition.

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