Dublin, Shared Europe

Project description

“Euro-scepticism” and “sovereignty” are an expression of electoral calculations but also of the limits of Dublin Convention, to be reconsidered.

The project is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union and implemented by GSI Italia in partnership with the University of Camerino, the Slovenian association DRUSTVO ZA RAZVIJANJE PROSTOVOLJNEGA DELA NOVO MESTO, the Croatian association UDRUGA ECHO and the Serbian association DANUBE 1245.

Objectives of the project: to contribute to a greater knowledge of the Union, calling upon participants to become direct promoters of change:

1. increase awareness of its decision processes and contribute to them with ‘recommendations”;

2. host a contest and carry out a social media campaign;

3. prepare installations for large public events, with an opinion poll.

Target population, not exclusive, “citizens at the first vote” of Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.

Financier: Europe for Citizens Programme

Start year: 2020

Duration: 18 months

People involved in the project

Goals achieved

Information Template

Signing of the grant agreement with the European Commission.
Implementation of the online Kick-off Meeting.
Implementation of DEBATES in schools/Country.
LABORATORY/Country. The results collected in the debates and with the collection of opinions (social campaign), led to the formulation of the RECOMMENDATIONS/Country.
INSTALLATIONS, material and multimedia with 1 stand x 3 expositions/ Country, space for information, awareness and for a collection of opinions.
The DISSEMINATION of the results was addressed to the Presidents of the EC and European Parliament and to the parliamentarians elected in the participating Countries, to the public of the web, television and print media (social and media program).
How much has been collected so far
Active Projects


in Italy and over the world, we work through development projects and distance support programs for disadvantaged communities.

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