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Identification of good practise of social entrepreneurship of Roma

Project description

The project aims particularly at:

  • analysing the real situation in the field of social entrepreneurship in the partner countries by targeted researches, surveys and interviews;
  • identifying good practise examples with European transfer potential;
  • detecting most urgent needs for action in this field together with Roma and Roma organisations, experts and stakeholders that can be covered with existing resources on the spot and targeted activities in the frame of European projects;
  • developing project concepts on this basis.
  • Financiers: Erasmus+ KA2
  • Start year: 2019
  • Duration: 16 months
People helped by the beginning of the project

Goals achieved

Preliminary contacts for the organization of the kick-off meeting in Hungary.
Kick-off meeting in Hungary 3-7 November 2019.
Implementation of the desk research and elaboration of an overview on existing social enterprises.
Implementation of the survey with the experts.
Partner meeting in Romania 17-21 February 2020.
Implementation of the survey with the Roma.
Synthesis report on social enterprises and synthesis report on the results of the surveys submitted to the Roma.
How much has been collected so far
Active Projects


in Italy and over the world, we work through development projects and distance support programs for disadvantaged communities.