Another project approved to GSI Italia by the European Commission

“Young project coordinators grow up” is the title of the project approved to GSI Italia by the EU for an amount of 150 thousand euros to be carried out for two years in Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Objective: to train 45 teachers and 50 young people from youth associations in each country, enabling them to promote the creation of European project workshops in schools and organizations.

A way to bring young people and European institutions closer together, to contribute to the construction from below of the Europe we want: close, attentive, capable of responding to the expectations of citizens, of their dreams and their needs.

Promoting active citizenship and the social leadership of young people and associations is an important part of GSI Italia’s mission. The future of the south of the world passes through a change in the north of the planet. All of us can facilitate it and make it possible, convinced that another world is possible and that everyone can contribute according to skills and competences.

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