A further funding granted to GSI Italia by the Waldensian Church has been added in recent days in addition to that of 32 thousand euros from the Terzo Pilastro Foundation in 2021 for the program that the Association conducts in Ethiopian healthcare on the rehabilitation front.

The major educational institutions in the country of the Horn of Africa are involved: St. Paul’s Hospital in Addis Ababa and the University of Gondar. The latter in particular represents the national center for the training of Ethiopian physiatrists and physiotherapists.

Rehabilitation therapy in Ethiopia is still today mainly limited to the supply of prostheses, orthopedic braces, wheelchairs and modest physiotherapy activities with minimal gym equipment and the absence of electrotherapy and ultrasound diagnostic tools. This is a condition of inadequacy considered by the WHO to be further unsustainable for Ethiopia. And it is in this reality of lack of services and rights that GSI Italia decided to implement the action with a convinced economic investment of attention a few years ago.

The project which will start in this last part of 2022 and will take place in 2023 provides for an extensive training program for medical and paramedical personnel in the two health centers mentioned, with missions of Italian doctors and physiotherapists from the two Umbrian health companies and of the Federico II University of Naples.

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