The collaboration with the Sovereign Order of Malta continues with the donation by GSI Italia of an ambulance for the health activities sustained in Monasterace, in Calabria.

The donation of the vehicle, fully prepared, delivered at the end of April by our Association and already operational in Calabria, is added to the donations of considerable quantities of drugs made by GSI Italia in recent months to the Order.

Another two cubic meters of drugs, worth around 60 thousand euros, will be sent in this month of May 2021 from the Spoleto headquarters of the Association to the Order’s Delegation in Piedmont, to be distributed to the Order’s delegations in the countries of underdevelopment.

At the end of April the message of thanks addressed to GSI Italia by the Grand Prior Delegate, the knight Francesco D’Ayala Valva for the donations and for the more than ten-year collaboration between the Association and the Order, in Italy and in Africa.

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